Union Media is a multimedia production and distribution company that strives to provide a variety of media and media related services that is of the highest caliber. Since its establishment in Beirut in 2010, Union Media has paved a successful path in numerous forms of content creation and distribution which includes production, dubbing, subtitling, and worldwide distribution of material to some of the biggest names in the market. Union Media strives to cater to as many demographics as possible, with programs suitable for children, documentaries, cooking shows, and films with licensing and distribution mainly to North Africa and the Middle East, and with content produced by Union Media available to be aired worldwide.



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تسعى شركة يونيون ميديا دائماً للبحث عن الانتاجات الوثائقية الجديدة حول العالم وبرامج الأطفال الحديثة وتعمل على وضعها بمتناول القنوات التلفزيونية العربية والأجنبية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط لتمتع مشاهديها ببرامج المعرفة والعلوم بما فيها من اكتشافات الماضي و مواكبة الحاضر واستشراق المستقبل

منذ تأسيسها في بيروت عام 2010 قامت الشركة بدبلجة مئات الساعات الخاصة بالبرامج الوثائقية وبرامج الأطفال بمواصفات احترافية مكنتها من إيجاد طريقها للعرض عبر شاشات عدد كبير من القنوات التلفزيونية في البلدان الواقعة ما بين أفغانستان في وسط أسيا و المغرب في شمال أفريقيا، لتصبح الشركة خلال فترة زمنية قصيرة واحدة من أهم الشركات الموردة للأفلام الوثائقية العالمية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط

Union media always seeks new documentary productions around the world, in addition to the latest children’s programs, working on making them available to the Arabic and foreign channels in the Middle East region, to entertain their public with programs about knowledge and sciences, including programs featuring discoveries from the past, highlighting the present, and bringing a vision for the future

Since its foundation in Beirut in 2010, the company has professionally dubbed hundreds of hours of documentaries and children’s programs, that have been selected to be broadcast on a large number of television channels in the countries located between Afghanistan in Central Asia, and Morocco in Northern Africa, making the company in a short time one of the most important distribution companies in the field of international documentaries in the Middle East region